The recent US Capitol riot is a saddening development in what has quickly been viewed as both simultaneously shocking but also unsurprising depending on who was paying attention.

Those who are shocked, evidently including the US Capitol Police, cite the unprecedented nature of what was wrongly believed to be a normal protest and the general disbelief that such a will for mass insurrection could even exist in our country at all.

Those who are completely unsurprised, have been paying attention to the growing social divergence and public (social media facilitated) coordination of a violent militia. …

Kafka is a rare joy to work with in the distributed data systems space. Sometimes the tools can be unwieldy, daunting in their complexity and prone to surprising behavior.

Kafka is simple given its power and working with it in production over the last two years of my career has been extremely rewarding.

This article is to share a bit of what I’ve learned about consuming from Kafka topics and doing work on the data.

The reason I am choosing to focus on just consuming for the moment is because it is by far the more complicated and open-ended side…

Peter M. Elias

Engineer. Learner. Creator.

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